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  • Wooden Wedge for Axe Handles

Wooden Wedge for Axe Handles

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Fixes tool heads such as axes and adzes firmly onto their handles.

Made from seasoned hardwood, either oak or beech.

Three sizes available:

  • SMALL:  approximate dimensions: 45mm x 45mm x 8mm - Typically used for hatchets and smaller axes.
  • MEDIUM: approximate dimensions: 55mm x 75mm x 12mm - Typically used for small felling axes etc.
  • LARGE:  approximate dimensions: 75mm x 75mm x 12mm - Typically used for large splitting axes and felling axes.


  • Produce a saw kerf in the top of the handle approximately 3/4 of the depth of the axe or adze eye.  An ordinary panel saw will produce a kerf of about the right size. 
  • Fit the handle into the eye of the axe or adze head, this should be proud by at least 7mm.
  • At this stage you may need to adjust the size of the wedge to make it fit the length of the kerf. 
  • With an engineers hammer drive the wooden wedge into the sawn kerf until it will go no further, trim any excess wedge flush with the top of the handle.
  • The handle should protrude approximately 6mm (1/4") beyond the eye of the axe head.

It is ususal to also fit a second wedge (although not strictly traditional) made of steel at an angle between 45-90 degrees to the wooden wedge.  This should produce a handle that will be secure for many years.

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