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  • Traditional Peaveys
  • Traditional Peaveys
  • Traditional Peaveys
  • Traditional Peaveys
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Traditional Peaveys

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Strong, professional quality traditional wooden handled timber handling aid designed to roll and move large logs by hand with relative ease.

Two sizes available:

  • 36"  Handle
  • 48" Handle


The main difference between a Peavey and a Cant Hook is the working end, a Peavey has a spike and a Cant Hook has a square lug. 

The spike on a peavey is useful to use as a levering or pushing tool.

Use it in the woods to move large felled timber into position for collection by a forwarder, ATV with timber arch or skidder. 

Use it to move logs from timber stacks (with care!).

Indespensible to move or turn large logs into position when milling timber on site.

The business end features very strong and durable steel work made for professional conditions.

The roll-on hook grabs and releases easily from the log.

Incredibly strong varnished American ash handles  which are 60mm (2 3/8") at their widest tapering down to a comfortable diameter at the holding end with a swell knob.

Made in the United States by the Peavey Manufacturing Company who have been making Cant Hooks, Peaveys and other professional logging tools for more than 150 years.


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