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  • Tool Rest for Pole Lathe

Tool Rest for Pole Lathe

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Prepared wooden fillet (three sided cross section) of seasoned ash or beech, used as a tool rest for the pole lathe.

Included in the WOODSMITH Pole Lathe Kit and the Ready to turn Pole Lathe.

760mm (30" ) long, the two right angle sides are 50mm (2") and 45mm (1 3/4") providing two height options and a comfortable slope upon which to rest your arm. 

Allows easy angling of turning tools.

This Tool Rest assumes your metal centres are 2" above the tool rest supports.

If yours are a little more than 50mm (2") it should still work, if they are a little below 50mm (2")  you may need to plane wood from the tool rest to reduce its height.

On a pole lathe the best compromise height of a tool rest is the same as the distance from the top of the tool rest support to the metal centres.

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