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  • Throwing Mouse Hawk
  • Throwing Mouse Hawk
  • Throwing Mouse Hawk
  • Throwing Mouse Hawk
  • Throwing Mouse Hawk
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Throwing Mouse Hawk

5/5 1 review

Throwing Mouse Hawks are small lightweight axes designed for throwing at a specially designed target..

Throwing axes is great fun and this small axe will appeal to everyone especially those who would find the bigger throwing axes intimidating.

The Amerian hickory knock-fit (tapered) handle is 400mm (16") long and comes slightly oversize so may require some minor adjustments to make fit.  Also, depending on how 'open' the grain is on your target, the edge may need some filing to get the axe to stick.

Head made in India.

Remember axes will generally only stick in a seasoned wooden target.

Better to have 2 or 3 axes then you don't spend so much time walking back and forth to the target. 

Also good to have a few spare handles before they break.  Replacement handles available.

Axe throwing is good fun but does need a well designed throwing area, with safety as a paramount consideration.

Total Weight 400grams (0.8lbs).


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  • Great fun

    I bought a pair of these axes for my partner as a Christmas gift, initially she wasn't impressed with the idea of axe throwing HOWEVER that all changed the first time she stuck one into the target now she's out more than me on the village green. Due to the light weight of these hawks the kids even join in (under supervision) we have great fun as a community with these, many summer night are spent chatting and socialising around the green. The quality and fit of these hawks are good, due to the small diameter of the handles they are harder to split than the larger hawks and have stood up to many hours of use without any complaints. A great little hawk for children and anyone who finds the larger throwing hawks heavy. Would highly recommend.

    Maurice Pyle - Woodsmith

    I'll second all of that! Maurice

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