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  • Svante Djarv Little Viking Axe
  • Svante Djarv Little Viking Axe
  • Svante Djarv Little Viking Axe
  • Svante Djarv Little Viking Axe
  • Svante Djarv Little Viking Axe
  • Svante Djarv Little Viking Axe
  • Svante Djarv Little Viking Axe
  • Svante Djarv Little Viking Axe
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Svante Djarv Little Viking Axe

5/5 3 reviews


Premium axe useable for everyday green woodwork, made by respected Swedish tool maker Svante Djarv.

  • double-sided ground - the bit has two equal bevels ground to approx 25 degrees with distinct shoulders, the bevels are generally flat.

These axes are made in very small quantities and not always available.

A long curved bit extends above the heads eye and the position of the cutting edge in relation to the handle make this a very efficient axe producing a natural slicing action.

It has a long beard which makes it comfortable for choking-up on close-up work

The medium weight head at 800gms has a cutting edge of  approx 130mm, (5 1/4").

The steel used to make this axe is called SS 1672.

The curved ribbed handle in Swedish elm is 330mm (13") long and very comfortable in the hand with a good textured grip.

As was traditional, only a well seasoned single wooden wedge is used to fix the head to the handle which is pround of the eye.

Comes as standard with a WOODSMITH 3mm thick waxy leather sheath (currently black), which is riveted, fastening with a single popper. Bottom loading.

Also available as an option, with a PREMIUM quality veg tan leather sheath in dark brown which has been carefully hand-stitched. Select sheath from the drop-down box below. This sheath is top loading.

The last two images to the left compare this axe to the Gransfors Bruk Large Carving Axe.


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Leather Sheath:

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  • Beautiful Axe

    I purchased this beautiful axe from Maurice around 18 months back and it's been a superb tool to work with. It is relatively heavy (800g) for smaller greenwood work but for power strokes and quick removal of excess, its 5.5" cutting edge is terrific, particularly the way the bit is curved above the eye. 'Choked-up', it can also be remarkably subtle, if used with deft strokes. It's become my main working axe and, is so good, I'm contemplating getting an asymmetric right grind version. My only tiny criticism is that, for my moderately large hands at least, the handle is little small - maybe 3-4mm extra in girth would be perfect, but that's a very personal wish! Svante Djarv makes some exceptional tools and this is one of them, razor sharp, good edge retention, you won't be disappointed with this axe.

    Maurice Pyle - Woodsmith

    Pleased you like the axe Mike, fair comment about the handle, I shall mention it to Elsa Djarv

  • A pleasure to use

    My 2 main axes used on a daily basis are the Gransfors Large Carving Axe and Large Carving Hatchet (right grind for both). The Svante Djarv Little Viking Axe bridges this gap both on functionality and weight wise. The handle is thinner than the Gransfors large carving axe which fits beautifully in my hand and together with being perfectly balanced this axe is a pleasure to use.

    The right ground version of the Svante Djarv axe is not like a Gransfors right grind as it is more like an extended bevel width on one side so it is not quite as aggressive as the Gransfors, so it takes a little adjusting to get your cutting angle spot on to begin with.

    Overall I would say if you wanted a very comfortable professional axe to use on a daily basis for small-medium projects such as spoons it is the best i have tried to date.

  • Wonderful carving axe !!!

    I have had my SD for a couple weeks now and absolutely love it. Weight is perfect. The handle shape is great for doing really fine work or switching your grip to get that really good slicing and chopping action. It holds an edge well. This is one of the lower priced carving axes out there and the quality is great. Shipping to the US was a little over a week and Woodsmith also has great customer service so you can't go wrong.

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