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  • Svante Djarv Drawknife 140mm
  • Svante Djarv Drawknife 140mm
  • Svante Djarv Drawknife 140mm
  • Svante Djarv Drawknife 140mm
  • Svante Djarv Drawknife 140mm
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Svante Djarv Drawknife 140mm

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Hand-made tool from Swedish toolsmiths Svante Djarv Hantverk AB. 

Fine and small drawknife. Elsa Djarv describes this as "a handicraft drawknife....for small people or for small work"

The handles are cranked down slightly allowing use bevel down or bevel up. 

Use bevel down for concave work or for quicker removal of stock or bevel up for finer more controlled work.

Normally used in conjuction with a shavehorse.

Great drawknife for finer work, such as the final stages of sizing a tenon or a less intimidating tool for children.

Made from Swedish tool steel, the straight edge is 140mm (5 1/2") long, 20mm (3/4") wide and 3mm thick. 

The single hollow ground bevel is ground to 25 degrees however the polishing process can produce bevels that are slightly convex.. 

Delivered sharpened, honed and ready to use.

Turned ribbed handles in Swedish elm are 90mm (3 1/2") long.

Comes with a wrap-around style leather sheath made from 3mm thick waxy split leather, fastens with two poppers. Made by WOODSMITH's leather guy RedBeard

S. Djarv Hantverk AB is a family business specializing in making hand forged tools in small numbers for wood working.  They make approximately 4000 tools per year.  Svante forges the blades and Elsa makes and fits the handles.


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