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Just let you know the axe and the wedge arrived safely thanks - an excellent service.

By Jo

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  • Shawnee MINI Throwing Hawk

Shawnee MINI Throwing Hawk

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The Shawnee Mini Hawk has the same great balance and design as a full size Shawnee hawk but superbly hand-made with a great fitting handle.

Perfect for those who are just starting out as throwers where a lighter weight will be welcome.

Hand-forged in the USA at the H&B Forge

Very different quality to most other Throwing Tomahawks, hand-made, durable and capable of taking a good edge if required. It comes ground and sharpened but will benefit from furher honing if required.

It also makes an excellent, small camp axe.

The Shawnee weighs 2 pounds with a 15" long handle (compared to the standard Shawnee at 3 lbs and a 19" handle).

Heads are secure and well fitted to their handles and are ready to throw.

We have not made a sheath for the Shawnee Mini Hawk yet but let us know if you'd like us to!

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