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  • Sanding Block + Abranet
  • Sanding Block + Abranet
  • Sanding Block + Abranet
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Sanding Block + Abranet

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Good quality firm sanding block with a of mixed pack of 10 Abranet sheets.

Includes the following:

  • Good quality sanding block with single-sided velcro pad.
  • 80 Grit    x1
  • 120 Grit  x2
  • 180 Grit  x3
  • 240 Grit  x2
  • 320  Grit x2

Abranet is a modern abrasive sheet, works like sandpaper but far more durable, flexible and fast cutting and does not clog as readily.

Used for sanding and finishing wooden products, try it on spoons and bowls.

Whilst Abranet works better on wood that is at least partially dry it does not clog as readily as normal sandpaper.

Technical Information:

  • Grain:       Aluminium Oxide
  • Bonding:   Resin over resin
  • Backing:   Polyamide fabric
  • Colour:     Brown
  • Size:        70mm (2 3/4") x 125mm (5")
Price: £14.00 (Inc. VAT)
Availability: In Stock

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