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  • REPLACEMENT HANDLE, Throwing Tomahawk
  • REPLACEMENT HANDLE, Throwing Tomahawk
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It's always worth keeping a few Replacement Handles for Throwing Tomahawk in case one breaks.

  • Hickory

Throwing axes do get punishing treatment, especially from novice throwers.

With taper-fit handles if the tomahawk lands handle first it should just come loose and less likely to break. However if it does break, it's worth having a few spares so you can resume throwing again quickly.

These handles usually come slightly oversize so may need some work to fit your axe head. Always leave about 15mm of handle proud of the head.

Made from straight grained American hickory, 480mm (19") long, natural finish.

At the head end of the handle it is 40mm x 28mm at its widest points.

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