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  • Replacement Anvil for Lowe Anvil Loppers with Curved Blade

Replacement Anvil for Lowe Anvil Loppers with Curved Blade

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Replacement anvil for the 80cm and 100cm Lowe Loppers

Made from high quality alloy steel.

Anvil loppers involve a sharp blade coming down onto a curved surface, the anvil, which is made of a relatively soft alloy metal so as not to blunt the cutting edge. 

However, in time the anvil becomes scarred and will need replacing to continue making clean cuts.

Easy and quick to replace via two new allen key screws provided.

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  • Original parts

    I have had my Lowe Loppers for some years but the anvil was starting to get quite chewed so it was great to be able to get a replacement. It was an easy job to fit and got the loppers as good as new.

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