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Received! What an excellent item and sharpened beautifully – many thanks.

By Ian

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  • Ray Iles Gentleman's Drawknife
  • Ray Iles Gentleman's Drawknife
  • Ray Iles Gentleman's Drawknife
  • Ray Iles Gentleman's Drawknife
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Ray Iles Gentleman's Drawknife

5/5 1 review

Small drawknife made by respected UK tool maker Ray Iles.

This light weight drawknife, based on an old traditional pattern, is great for work which requires greater accuracy and control such as whittling tenons down to an exact size. 

It could also be a good choice for children to use under supervision.

The single hollow ground bevel, ground to about 30 degrees, will require a final honing with a bench stone before use.

The cutting edge is 150mm  (6") long, overall length of iron (from ferrule to ferrule) 255mm (10").  

Currently the 115mm (4 1/2") long handles are made from beautifully sapwood and heartwood YEW but this may vary.

Email for the latest information on the handle wood.

Will benefit from a final honing prior to use.  If you want us to do this for you select the ‘Sharpening’ option as an Extra below

Leather sheaths available.


Price: £64.00 (Inc. VAT)
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  • Small but a hard worker

    Even though you review the tool description and realize this is not a full size drawknife, it still came as a little bit of a surprise how petite this tool actually is. That said, as long as you're not de-barking big logs all day, this tool should do everything you need a quality drawknife to do. From preparing green wood for the pole lathe, rough shaping a spindle or carving a canoe paddle, this little guy does is all.

    The handles are beautiful and attached directly to the steel in such a way that you should never have one come off in your hand like some cheaper knives out there. The steel blade is perfectly shaped and with the help of the great people of Woodsmith, sharpened to a razor edge. This knife in my experience cuts best with the bevel down and feels very natural while cutting.

    Don't waste your money on eBay buying some old piece of junk that may or may not even have any temper left. This one will be around to give to your kids and probably even your grand children. This is not my first Ray Iles tool and you can't go wrong with this kind of quality. Enjoy.

    Maurice Pyle - Woodsmith

    Thanks for the review NewelI. It's nice that the Ray Iles Gent's Drawknife has found another fan. It's often overlooked because of its small size and its slightly larger price tag but as you say it feels so nice in the hand and a very controllable tool.

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