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Received! What an excellent item and sharpened beautifully – many thanks.

By Ian

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  • Ray Iles 8 1/2" Drawknife, Mike Abbott Pattern
  • Ray Iles 8 1/2" Drawknife, Mike Abbott Pattern
  • Ray Iles 8 1/2" Drawknife, Mike Abbott Pattern
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Ray Iles 8 1/2" Drawknife, Mike Abbott Pattern

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Medium size drawknife suited for most general green wood working duties.

Made by respected UK tool maker Ray Iles.

Typically used to prepare billets round ready to go on the pole lathe or shaving components down for riven gates.

This variant of the Ray Iles' 8 1/2" Drawknife came about when professional green wood worker Mike Abbott asked Ray if he would modify his standard 8 1/2" drawknife so it could be used bevel up or bevel down.  So on this drawknife the tangs/handles have been bent slightly down. The theory is, bevel down works best for rapid removal of stock and for concave features and bevel up is best for slow more accurate work.  With this modification the handles are always at the same comfortable angle.  Like the standard version the handles are cranked sightly out.

Mainly used in conjunction with a shave horse or other holding device. Used on our green wood working courses.

Edge length 220mm (8 1/2"), made from 01 high carbon tool steel, the lightly oiled beech handles are 100mm (4") long with brass ferrules, these build up a very pleasing patina with use.

The bevel is ground to about 30 degrees, comes slightly hollow ground therefore will need a final hone before use.

Don't forget sheaths in either split or veg tan leather are available for this tool.

NEW: NEW: Have a look at our wooden drawknife sheaths.


Will benefit from a final honing prior to use.  If you want us to do this for you select the ‘Sharpening’ option below

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