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  • Pole Lathe Kit
  • Pole Lathe Kit
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Pole Lathe Kit

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All the basic timber and metal ware you need to make your own pole lathe.

This is NOT a simple assembly kit of pre-made parts. To complete this build you will need the skills to cut out and make reasonably accurate mortises and tenons.

Basic woodworking skills and tools are required to build this kit, it should take about two days to complete. You will be required to fairly accurately measure and mark out and saw/chop mortises and tenons.

Pole Lathes are used to turn green wood, typically to make chair components, rounders bats and kitchen ware etc.

Comes with a simple list of contents and line drawings to identify each of the parts.

This is the design outlined in Mike Abbott’s book ‘Green Woodworking – Working with Wood the Natural Way’. Whilst OUT OF PRINT, It is highly recommended that you source a 2nd hand copy of this book for the assembly instructions to take you carefully through the build. Let us know if you can’t find a copy.

Includes milled softwood for the A-frame legs and planed/dimensioned hardwood (usually beech or ash) to make the bed, heads, wedges etc.

The following carpentry tools are typical (but not exclusive) of those that will be required: saws (panel, x-cut and ripping), drill bits and augers, smoothing plane, cordless drill, carpenters square, chisel set, mallet, clamps and a vice. Probably not an exhaustive list!

Metal ware includes coach bolts for the bed, metal centers one of which is an adjustable crank and all screws needed to assemble.

Also includes shock cord and enough turning cord to get you started.

The treadle will be pre-made for you using a natural fork.

NOT included is a springy pole or side poles for use with shock cord.

Will arrive in three packages.


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  • Superb kit

    We ordered one of these for our college to demonstrate green wood turning and the kit is superb, easy to put together and with clear instructions. I own a copy of Green Woodwork - Working with Wood the Natural Way which was very useful in helping with measurements and construction. The lathe turns superbly with side poles and shock cord and students find it an excellent introduction before moving on to the powered lathe.

    Maurice Pyle - Woodsmith

    Hi Adam, many thanks for the review, this lathe should also be durable and last a long time, ours are more than 20 years old and stil going strong, despite the woodworm!

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