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  • Pole lathe Cord 20m

Pole lathe Cord 20m

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Cord to connect the treadle to pole or shockcord via the workpiece to provide the drive to turn a pole lathe

5mm polyester cord x 20m.

As pole lathe turners for more than 20 years we must have gone though a mile or two of pole lathe cord and tried many different types. 

The conclusion we have come to is that it is normally simply better to buy a decent quanity of polyester cord at a good price that will last a long time.  This is especially the case if you run a woodcraft school with a high number of students on your lathes. 

Economical use of cord, will to an extent, also depend on how you set up and operate your lathe.  Winding the cord 2-3 times around the billet should reduce slippage and reduce heat building up which may melt the cord.

Colour currently green.

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