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  • Nylon Felling Wedge, 12cms
  • Nylon Felling Wedge, 12cms
  • Nylon Felling Wedge, 12cms
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Nylon Felling Wedge, 12cms

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Small nylon wedges are typically used in tree felling when there is a possibility that the weight of the tree might bear down on a saw

Size: 120mm / 4 3/4"

The scales on one side reduces the chance that the wedge might jump out during the felling process.

Whilst this is a slim wedge the user also benefits with every blow that drives the wedge deeper into the cut, the stem is nudged further into the chosen direction of fall.

Nylon wedges are preferred when felling with chain saws as should the saw chain come into contact with the wedge it will not damage the saw chain. 

If you're milling timber with a powered mill, these are usefull to keep the kerf open.

They are very light and eaisily fit onto a forestry belt or holster.

Bright orange so more difficult to lose.

They are highly impact-resistant, even in extremely cold weather.

Model no. 6300

Made by Bahco in Sweden.

Price: £6.50 (Inc. VAT)
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