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  • Muller Froe, 35 cms
  • Muller Froe, 35 cms
  • Muller Froe, 35 cms
  • Muller Froe, 35 cms
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Muller Froe, 35 cms

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One of the strongest most robust froes available made by the renowned Austrian tool makers Leonhard Muller and Sons. 

  • 35cms (13 3/4")

A froe of this stature will perform reliably in professional conditions day after day, typically used for making shingles from oak/sweet chestnut.

Comes without a handle. The large tapered eye will take a strong handle that you will have to make yourself but it's an opportunity to make one to your own exact specification. Not such a difficult job, either turn or whittle.

With a tapered eye, the blade is driven onto the handle with each whack of a wooden maul.

The eye tapers from 42mm - 45mm internal diameters to firmly hold a round handle with the same taper.

Individually forged steel with gently convex bevels.

The blade is 57mm (2 1/4") deep and 35 cmm (13 3/4") long.

10mm at its widest so best suited to larger / wider timbers.

Comes with a lifetime guarantee.


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  • Great Tool

    New to using a froe and just love it very easy to master. Good to have a big an a small one as the large one is a bit awkward on smaller pieces but great for splitting logs. I use a Thor number 3 copper mallet to get a solid hit without damaging the steel on the froe.

    Maurice Pyle - Woodsmith

    Pleased you like the Muller froe. As an alternative to the copper mallet a large wooden maul would do a good job and they are good fun to make

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