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  • Morris Newtown Billhook

Morris Newtown Billhook

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Perfect size billhook for the harvesting of coppice material, small poles, working-up material and cleaving.

Like all Morris billhooks the cutting bevels are long without shoulders and ground to about 20 degrees.

The tang runs the full length of the handle.

The caulked handle, made from ash and varnished, is 140mm (5 1/2") long, the blade is approx 230mm (9" long).

In our opinion Morris billhooks are far better than anything else on the market despite the need for some final grinding and honing to remove manufacturing flats on the edge.  

A down-to-earth tool designed for professional use and long life.

Don't forget WOODSMITH waxy split leather sheaths are available for this billhook.

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