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  • Modern Sloyd with Jogge Sundqvist DVD 4

Modern Sloyd with Jogge Sundqvist DVD 4

5/5 1 review

Spoken entirely in Swedish, however Jogge's teaching style and presentation still makes this DVD a valuable resource.

Safe working technique's are emphasized throughout.  Jogge Sundqvist's father is well known Swedish woodworker Wille Sundqvist,  who taught at our workshop in 2010.

Jogge himself has been an international woodworking tutor for many years and has always inspired others with his fresh and safe approach to working with green wood.

Sorry about the price but this DVD is produced and specially imported from Denmark.

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  • Sharpening demystified

    This disc is devoted to sharpening all the tools that he uses in the series. Jögge very clearly demonstrates how to grind, hone, and strop each tool. I’ve used a Tormek grinder before, but didn’t realize it has a bevel angle measurement device. This will save me from guessing whether I’m grinding correctly or not.

    I took a weeklong course with Jögge at Marc Adams School of Woodworking this year. He has so much to offer in his teaching that we didn’t get to cover all the projects in this set. It is the perfect follow-on instruction to continue the momentum our class experienced. Well worth the price since you have 2 discs per volume. Volume 4 has only one disc, but it has a run time of almost 1 hour, 20 minutes. Most instructional DVDs I purchase run about 45 minutes, so it’s like getting an extra disc.

    I don’t speak Swedish, but it doesn’t seem to matter since his teaching style is so methodical. He clearly demonstrates each technique in an exaggerated way before using it on the project. I have watched some of the projects with the Swedish subtitles turned on and am picking up some woodworking vocabulary, which is fun. If the lack of English subtitles is the only reason you hesitate to purchase, please let Maurice know in an email so he can communicate the market demand to the producers and to Jögge.

    For each project in this set, Jögge clearly demonstrates how to take cues from the raw material to inform both design and function. For most projects, there is a gallery of variations in design and color that will inspire the student to create their own design.

    Just as in the classroom, Jögge emphasizes safety at each stage of the project and for each tool he uses. My confidence level is much higher than I expected it to be as a new carver. Thanks, Jögge!

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