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A slightly belated but very big thank you for the knife roll. It arrived perfectly on time and was perfect.

By Nicola

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  • Mirlon Handpads, 1500 Grit
  • Mirlon Handpads, 1500 Grit
  • Mirlon Handpads, 1500 Grit
  • Mirlon Handpads, 1500 Grit
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Mirlon Handpads, 1500 Grit

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Open and flexible sanding pads, perfect to produce a smooth surface on a range of traditional wood projects.

Each pack contains x3 pads.

Each pad measures 152mm (6") x 229mm (9").

Strong and durable but can be cut into smaller sizes with scissors if required.

Mirlon Handpads are not a paper based abrasive therefore it moulds much better into shaped forms such as the bowl of a carved spoon. 

Also good to finish turned items whilst still on the pole lathe.  Works best on wood that is at least partially dry.

Will also work on metal so good to remove surface rust on old tools or restoring old tool handles.

If you have to go back into a carved item such as a spoon with an edge tool it won't blunt the edge as sandpaper would.

Definitely worth a try.

Price: £3.00 (Inc. VAT)
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