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  • Liberon Boiled Linseed Oil, 1ltr

Liberon Boiled Linseed Oil, 1ltr

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Boiled Linseed Oil drys much much quicker than normal Raw Linseed oil but is not Food Safe.

Hot air is passed through ordinary linseed oil to improve drying times. Drying time approx 5 hrs.

Of course it can be applied to most new, raw or previously oiled wood to offer protection but in particular, it will great for tool handles such as axes.

A traditional hardwaring finish, apply with a brush or rag.  Clean with White Spirit.

Don't forget Linseed Oil can spontaneously combust on rag or fine wood shaving.  Always burn rags or submerge in water after use.

Comes in durable tin containing 1ltr.

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