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I was told about your site after being on a pole lathing course last month, and found it very easy to navigate with a great level of information & advice that a newby like me needed.

By Sean

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  • Jonsson Classic Swedish Work Knives
  • Jonsson Classic Swedish Work Knives
  • Jonsson Classic Swedish Work Knives
  • Jonsson Classic Swedish Work Knives
  • Jonsson Classic Swedish Work Knives
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Jonsson Classic Swedish Work Knives

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Not many people know this....... but E.Jonsson is the last independant knife maker in the town of Mora, Sweden.

They make inexpensive everyday working knives with a flat scandi grind on carbon steel blades. Most blades have a micro bevel which should be straight forward to remove for better carving functionality.

At one time every farmer / tradesman carried one of these simply designed knives on their belts.

Two sizes available:

  • 11cm blade
  • 9cm blade


The 11cm blade has a natural birch wood handle about 107mm long, lightly oiled and the 9cm blade has a wood handle painted traditional red at 100mm long. Features a 'rat-tail' tang rather than a partial tang.

Comes with a functional plastic sheath, traditionally decorated. Does not come with a belt loop but a simple leather button hanger.

The company started out in the 1930's as Broderna Jonsson or the Brothers Jonsson, changing its name when it was taken over by (John) Erik, a son of the original brothers. Erik and his cousin Holger still run the company who are in their 70's and 90's.

The Jonsson works is proper old school - no computers, just an ancient typewriter plinking away in the office from time to time.

A knife not without errors but what history!

So a very small factory indeed but with a great tradition behind it.


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  • Jonsson knives

    Simple working knives great design full tang construction exception value fo money. Much prefer Birch handles to plastic, good delivery service and notifications.

    What a great site looking forward to visits the shop at some point.

    John Booth, Solihull.

    Maurice Pyle - Woodsmith

    Hi John, it feels like going back in time with Jonsson knives when there were many small knife makers around the Swedish town of Mora. Not sure how they can make a knife in Sweden for so litle cost but they do.

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