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  • Hultafors Folding Rule, 1m
  • Hultafors Folding Rule, 1m
  • Hultafors Folding Rule, 1m
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Hultafors Folding Rule, 1m

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Legendary folding rule from Sweden. As carried by every tradesman/craftsman in Scandinavia.

Although traditionally made from wood and steel these fiberglass rules are durable and temperature and moisture stable.

Coloured yellow with very clear to read scales in metric and imperial.

Total length: 1 m / 39"

Total length when folded 20cms / 8"

Fits conveniently into the side pocket on most work pants

This is what Hultafors say about their famous folding rule:

The switch from inches to metric scale might bring about a change of name, there’s a Swedish proverb saying that “a loved child has many names.” The folding rule is no exception. In Swedish it’s commonly referred to as a “tumstock”, an inch rule. Yet, since the scale used nowadays is metric, some argue it should be called “meterstock”, a meter rule. However, old names tend to stick.

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  • Brilliant ruler and straight-edge!

    Every pocket deserves one of the superb Hultafors Folding Rule - it's tough, has beautiful click-stops and has both mm and inch scales. Best of all, it can be oriented (and click-stopped) to make perfect 90 degree squares. Brilliant item and a great stocking filler for wood-folks!

    Maurice Pyle - Woodsmith

    So happy you like the Hultafors Folding Rule, I just don't know why they are not more commonplace in the UK

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