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  • Hans Karlsson Drawknife 205mm
  • Hans Karlsson Drawknife 205mm
  • Hans Karlsson Drawknife 205mm
  • Hans Karlsson Drawknife 205mm
  • Hans Karlsson Drawknife 205mm
  • Hans Karlsson Drawknife 205mm
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Hans Karlsson Drawknife 205mm

5/5 1 review

Beautiful, strong tool that is a delight to use, as you would expect from one of Sweden's finest toolmakers.

Medium size, a drawknife that feels like it is up to most jobs a green woodworker would throw at it.

The cutting edge is 205mm (8") long and the handles are set out from the blade at about 90 degrees.

The handles are in the same plane as the handles so will work mainly bevel down.

The blade is 22mm deep and 4mm thick. 

The bevel comes ground to 30 degrees and is hollow ground. 

Comes sharp and ready to use.

The beautiful shaped handles are 100mm (4") long and made from Swedish birch or elm, lightly oiled.

Comes with a neat wooden sheath in lightly oiled ash or elm, and a thick veg tan leather strap and fastening button.

Good tools are inevitably expensive, but this tool, made in small numbers by Hans Karlsson or one of his two sons Andreas or Johan, is a tool for life to be worked and enjoyed.


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  • My first Draw Knife

    I recently purchased the HK 205 mm (8.07") Draw knife in preparation for a carving class I'm taking in November. My purchase was based on numerous I-Net searches and recommendations by respected Woodworkers and Artisans. Maurice has been enormously helpful and supportive. Many thanks!

    As I told Maurice, when the HK Draw Knife arrived it was extremely sharp. After half a dozen strokes on a green Oxide infused strop, it's now crazy sharp.

    The Draw Knife came with an ingenious wood blade protector (sheath) and leather strap attachment. As long as I don't lose it, chances are it will outlast me. Nicely figured wooden handles on each end, comfortable and solidly attached with a threaded nut. Everything about this Draw Knife shouts quality. The hand-forged blade is nicely profiled and as I mentioned, very sharp out of the box.

    I haven't had a chance to use it, yet. However, if form follows function, it will do the job well. I can't wait to use it to profile a bowl.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this.

    Best regards,


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