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  • DMT DuoBase
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DMT DuoBase

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Made by DMT to fit their DuoSharp range of Whetstones to create a raised and very stable sharpening platform.

This base, with its broadly spread non-slip feet and rubber pads for the stone to sit on, ensures your whetstone is rock steady on the bench.

When using double-sided DuoSharp stones with DuoBase it is quick and easy to flip the stone over to use another grit. 

The whetstone clicks reassuringly and firmly in place.

Made from robust and durable polycarbonate.  Total length 300mm (12") x 120mm (4 3/4").

Deigned primarily to be used with all sizes of DuoSharp stones (8" and 10") but will also accomdate DiaSharp and the 6x2 polka-dot whetstones.


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