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  • DMT Diamond Whetstone 6x2
  • DMT Diamond Whetstone 6x2
  • DMT Diamond Whetstone 6x2
  • DMT Diamond Whetstone 6x2
  • DMT Diamond Whetstone 6x2
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DMT Diamond Whetstone 6x2

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Classic, good all-round single grit diamond stone. 

Available in 4 Grits:

  • coarse: 325 grit (blue) good to restore an edge with minor damage. 
  • fine grit : 600 grit (red)  restores a dulled edge.
  • extra fine: 1200 grit (green) restores an edge to a well maintained tool
  • extra coarse; 220 grit (black) aggressive metal removal to deal with dings


Diamond surface area 150mm (6") x 50mm (2")  mounted on 19mm (3/4") polycarbonate base.

Polka dot design allows waste metal finnings to settle in the dot recesses, leaving the diamond cutting surface free to do it's work.

This format with its 20mm (3/4") plinth is particularly good to take the stone to the tool especially drawknives, axes and many other green wood working tools.

Comes mounted in a removeable plastic base with rubber feet for a secure hold when sharpening on a bench. Also comes with a hard plastic cover to protect the diamond plate when not in use

The base can also be either screwed onto the bench or onto a taller wooden plinth (if you wanted to hold it in a vice so it was tall enough for the shapening of drawknives).

  •     Cuts fast
  •     Use water as a lubricant
  •     Durable and stays flat
  •     Take the stone to the tool or tool to stone
  •     DMT tools are precision manufactured, highly wear resistant and extremely effective.
  •     Uses water to lubricate.
Price: £49.00 (Inc. VAT)
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