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  • DMT DiaFold Diamond Sharpener
  • DMT DiaFold Diamond Sharpener
  • DMT DiaFold Diamond Sharpener
  • DMT DiaFold Diamond Sharpener
  • DMT DiaFold Diamond Sharpener
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DMT DiaFold Diamond Sharpener

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Two grit folding sharpener offering diamond technology in a convenient, neat and easily carried package.

Useful for the sharpening of many green wood working tools including drawknives, axes and knives.

Available in three different grit combinations:

  • Extra Coarse 220 grit (black) / Coarse 325 grit (blue)
  • Coarse 325 grit (blue) / Fine 600 grit (red)
  • Fine 600 grit (red) / Extra Fine 1200 grit (green)


Extra Coarse :   Use when metal needs to be removed to repair damaged or chipped edges

Coarse :   Restores a dulled edge

Fine :   Restores a slightly dulled or maintained edge

Extra Fine :   Refines and polishes a sharp edge prior to leather and honing paste

Total length unfolded 240mm (9 1/2"), folded 127mm (5").

The sharpening area on each side is approx 25mm (1") x 112mm (4 3/8").

The DiaDFold sharpener that will be useful to most people is the Coarse 325 grit (blue) / Fine 600 grit (red) combination.

Use only water as lubrication, and always clean after use.

NOTE: the latest versions of this sharpener now have transparent cases so the two different grits can clearly be seen.

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