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  • Coppicing and Coppice Crafts by Rebecca Oaks and Ed Mills

Coppicing and Coppice Crafts by Rebecca Oaks and Ed Mills

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Topics covered:

  • Discusses how to find a suitable wood and the pitfalls involved
  • Covers all the equipment, tools and resources that you will need, together with health and safety issues
  • Examines tax issues, the law and what you can and cannot do
  • Analyses in detail all aspects of coppice management including pests and diseases, and how to plant a new coppice
  • Examines the flora and fauna of the coppice and how it should be managed
  • Pays particular attention to hazel coppice
  • Considers a wide range of coppice woods and crafts and how the products are made
  • Discusses wood as a fuel, including charcoal-making, the best types of wood to burn, wood-fired boilers, woodchips, pellets, kindling, logs and much more
  • Includes a useful glossary, bibliography and list of addresses

Hardback, 246mm (9 3/4") x 189mm (7 1/2"), 192 pages, 224 colour illustrations

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