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  • Charcoal Kiln, MIDI
  • Charcoal Kiln, MIDI
  • Charcoal Kiln, MIDI
  • Charcoal Kiln, MIDI
  • Charcoal Kiln, MIDI
  • Charcoal Kiln, MIDI
  • Charcoal Kiln, MIDI
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Charcoal Kiln, MIDI

5/5 2 reviews

Kiln for the production of charcoal on a small scale.


This kiln should consistently produce about 30 - 35kg from native hardwoods.

Not really suitable for commercial production of charcoal but as a burn can be completed within one day, typically about 5 - 6 hours, it's ideal for demonstrations, teaching and small scale personal production.

Easily moved and transported in a van / pick up or trailer. 

Unlike our larger commercial kilns this one will be easier to store under lock and key when not in use.

Made from mild steel of various thicknesses


  • 1 x Ring - 3mm steel, 950mm (37 1/2") diameter x 750mm (29 1/2") high. Top flange - 5mm, Bottom Flange - 10mm.
  • 1 x Lid - 1.6mm steel with stiffening ring and three handles.
  • 6 x Ports -  3mm steel
  • 3 x Chimneys made from high quality 1.5mm ERW tube, 1.2m (4') long x 75mm (3") dia.
  • Operating guidelines included

Plain steel finish, unpainted, therefore there may be some superficial traces of rust when you take delivery.

Owners of small woodlands, countryside parks, agricultural / forestry colleges, conservation groups will find a kiln of this size very useful as a means of converting small quantities of low value hardwood into valuable BBQ charcoal.

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  • Excellent product

    Excellent product, easily manageable and produces enough charcoal for our (me & wife) own use but with some surplus for bartering currency. Kiln easily manageable and can be loaded without having to gather huge amounts of wood for the charge each time and can be unloaded without having to clamber inside it. Small size meant the burn could be managed in one day without having to stay up all night waiting to cap it off. Also easy to re-position and move if necessary.

    Excellent for someone just wanted to experience the thrill/satisfaction of the charcoal making process without having to produce commercial quantities.

  • Midi Kiln

    Have now done a few burns with the kiln, works best with well seasoned wood. Last burn with hazel up to 2.5 inch diameter and produced 31 kilos of usable BBQ charcoal and a quantity of small material for blacksmithing.
    Easy to move and re site by one person and you can get a one day turn around if you need to do consecutive burns.

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