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“The recent Shrink Boxes course was a great introduction to this technique, it is similar to spoon-making in that it is a skill which requires few tools and can be practiced at home using easily available timber.  A great mix of interesting people and expert tuition in a beautiful and relaxed setting.”

Dan attended Shrink Boxes 1 day course in June 2013

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  • Carve Your Own Scandinavian Wooden Butter Knife

Carve Your Own Scandinavian Wooden Butter Knife

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Why not make it a weekend of woodcraft and combine this course with 'MAKE YOUR OWN RIVEN CUTTING BOARD' course

1) Saturday 30 May 2020 (one day)

  • Cost:         £110
  • Venue:     Northumberland Centre for Greenwood Craft at Kirkley Hall

2) Saturday 31 Oct 2020 (one day)

  • Cost:         £110
  • Venue:     Northumberland Centre for Greenwood Craft at Kirkley Hall

 On this one-day course you will discover how to rive (split), greenwood logs to make beautiful traditional butter knives that will will survive many years of use in the kitchen or dining table.

The course is suitable for people with little or no experience but for those with some experience this course could well be a revelation!

Course includes:

Timber selection - We will discuss why certain native hardwoods are most suitable based on species, growth patterns and other properties.

Timber process – You will learn a safe and efficient method of processing the selected timber.  Cross cutting with saws, Splitting/riving with axe, froe, wooden wedges and maul.  How to use an axe, drawknife, hand plane and knife to shape the timber.

Design – You can design your own or be inspired by one of Tom's creative examples.  We'll consider the strength and weakness of certain designs, freehand drawing, symmetry/asymmetry, proportion and utility. 

A range of working techniques and grasps will be taught with the emphasis on safety and control throughout.

You will leave with one or two wooden butter knives, but more importantly the knowledge, inspiration and confidence to continue making beautiful items in safety.

Tutor Tom Turnell has been green wood working for many years and recently ran a small shop and workshop.  He specialises in small well crafted woodenware items for the kitchen.

He has researched woodworking techniques and design from different times including Ancient Egypt, Viking and Medieval to contemporary makers.

He will inspire with his enthusiasm and beautiful examples of his own work.

Maximum number of students: 6.

Price: £110.00 (Inc. VAT)
Availability: Course full

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