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  • Bulldog Devon Billhook
  • Bulldog Devon Billhook
  • Bulldog Devon Billhook
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Bulldog Devon Billhook

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Single-edged billhook made in Britain.

Favoured as a useful coppicing billhook to harvest smaller rods such as willow and hazel.

Blunted nose so stronger at the end of the hook in case you accidently follow through into the ground.

Total length of blade 240mm (9 1/2")

Caulked handle in ash, 150mm (6") long, lightly varnished. Tapered steel ferrule.

Weight: 640g

Good quality billhook which will be significantly improved by selecting the 'Sharpening ' option below. Here we will carefully lengthen the bevels to create the indistinct shoulders that are required for a billhook to work at its best.  The final bevels will be about 20 degrees at the front of the blade to about 25 degrees near the ferrule. Will come sharp and ready to use.

Thick individual leather blade protector sheaths are available or leather pouches which are suitable for several billhooks.  See 'Related Products'.

Keep sharp with canoes stones, also see 'Related Products'.

Price: £27.00 (Inc. VAT)
Availability: In Stock

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