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I was told about your site after being on a pole lathing course last month, and found it very easy to navigate with a great level of information & advice that a newby like me needed.

By Sean

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  • BELT SHEATH, Canoe Stone
  • BELT SHEATH, Canoe Stone
  • BELT SHEATH, Canoe Stone
  • BELT SHEATH, Canoe Stone
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BELT SHEATH, Canoe Stone

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Durable single-stone sheath made from thick split leather.

Includes a built-in belt loop so it's always to hand when you are working.

Puts a canoe stone in an easy to reach place to keep on top of sharpness for billhooks, grasshooks, slasher and scythes.

Approx size 250mm (10") x 70mm (2 3/4").

Specially made locally from thick 2.5mm split leather, stitched and riveted. 

Canoe stone not included.

Price: £16.00 (Inc. VAT)
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