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Received! What an excellent item and sharpened beautifully – many thanks.

By Ian

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  • Bark Peelers
  • Bark Peelers
  • Bark Peelers
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Bark Peelers

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Simple tool designed to remove the bark from recently felled poles and logs.

Also suitable as a ring barking tool.

Hand-made in the UK by A. Morris and Sons.

Available in two sizes of iron:

  • Small: 180mm (7")
  • Large:  215mm (8 1/2") 


If peeling is done in the spring or early summer when the sap is rising this will be an easy and enjoyable task.

The beaver tail shaped iron is ground on the end and partially on the sides, the iron's slight curvature follows naturally around a pole.

Bill Hogarth, taught me an awful lot about traditional woodland craft before he died in 2000, he would spend 3 months of the year, April - June when the sap was rising, peeling bark from Cumbrian coppiced oak.  His hands were stained permanently black from the tannin. He sent wagon loads of the stuff  to a traditional leather tanning company in Devon. He sold the resulting peeled poles to rustic furniture makers.

Round varnished ash handle 150mm (6").

Customer Review:

Dear Woodsmith Store

Many thanks for the "bark peeler", just received.

You may be interested to know that I first came across your tool whilst working with the organisation Trees for Life on their recently purchased Dundreggan Estate in the Highlands. Their policy is one of native woodland restoration and they inherited a large inaccessible area of mixed native Scots pine and exotic Sitka spruce about thirty years old. They decided to ring-bark the spruce after brashing the lower branches. I have previously ring-barked trees with a saw and axe and found it labourious. TfL had a supply of your bark peelers, which we used and it made the job much easier and quicker - no need for upper and lower saw cuts - the bark just flew off!

So......... though I understand yours is a tool originally developed for peeling bark from logs I would recommend you also list it as a ring-barking tool - have a go yourself (if you can find a suitable tree) to see what I mean.

Cheers, Roy Turnbull

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