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Just let you know the axe and the wedge arrived safely thanks - an excellent service.

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  • A Guide to Coppicing by Ray Tabor
  • A Guide to Coppicing by Ray Tabor
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A Guide to Coppicing by Ray Tabor

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The latest title from Ray Tabor.

This is what the back cover says:

Ray tabor has been working with coppice for over 30 years. He originally learned his skills from the few woodsmen alive and still working in the 1970's. He is the author of several authoritative books on the subject including the best selling Encyclopedia of Green Woodworking.

This book is inteneded for all amateur conservationists and woodland workers who work with coppice.  It will be of particular interst to those who are intending to bring neglected coppice back into rotation, maintain existing coppice or create woodland area for amenity use.

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