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Timber Handling Aids

We have stocked Swedish made Timber Tongs and Hooks for some time and have always wanted to offer a wider range of tools and devices that make small scale manual handling of logs easier and safer in the woods or in the wood-yard. 

Finally we've sourced a great range of traditional, ash handled tools that are robust enough for professional work from The Peavey Manufacturing Co in the USA.

Many people ask what is the difference between a peavey and a cant hook, as superficially they look quite similar?

Traditionally cant hooks were used in sawmills to turn logs, while peaveys were designed to help control logs being transported by river.

Both tools have a handle and a swinging hook.  The main difference between the two is what is on the end of the handle and the way the tool grips a log.

A cant hook has a small toe hook on the end which provides a second biting edge.  A peavey has a straight point on the end which can be used to seperate logs and to lever.

Functionally, both tools pretty much do the same job, so it can come down to personal preference when choosing between the two tools.

And best news of all in this catagory is that we now have the Log Lift n Shift log handling arch at WOODSMITH.  This is a robust but lightweight device for moving medium size butts around the woods or wood-yard, either manually or with a detachable hitch to pull behind an ATV.

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