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Spliting Axes and Wedges

This collection is all about splitting firewood with efficient high quality Swedish axes, designed to last a lifetime.

The  Large Splitting Axe, Long Handled from Gransfors Bruks or the Hultafors Large Splitting Axe are axes most people will find most useful, but if you really enjoy splitting wood and doing it efficiently then you need axes of two sizes.

For our own firewood at home we have the Gransfors Bruks Large Splitting Axe, Long Handle and the Gransfors Bruks Splitting Hatchet. This covers most eventualities from busting apart most rounds to the preparation of kindling. If we had to buy another main splitting axe we would definitely consider the Hultafors Large Splitting Axe or the Hultafors Splitting Maul.

Regardless of whether you split firewood for your own use on a regular basis or just occasionally, you will appreciate the efficiency, aesthetics and longevity of these axes.

Axes from both these Swedish makers have unparalleled quarantees.

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