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Hans Karlsson

CLICK HERE  to view a short video about Hans Karlsson

We have been huge admirers of Swedish toolmaker Hans Karlsson for a long time, first coming to our attention reading Wille Sundqvist's seminal publication 'Swedish Carving Techniques', first published in 1990. Wille was a big fan and he strongly recommended their tools in his book.  In 2011, during one of our forays into Sweden, we visited the large well organised workshop of Hans Karlsson Klensmide AB in Motala.

We arrived very early in the morning as we had stayed the previous night in simple accomodation just around the corner. When Wille Sundqvist was first introduced to the tools of Hans Karlsson there was just Hans and his wife in the business, with Hans' brother Mats joining a bit later.  However the first person we met was Hans' son Andreas who we discovered had been in the business for some years and was already a very accomplished tool maker. 

The Karlsson workshop was formally a slaughter house, providing large multi-roomed spaces for steel storage, large power hammers, machinery shops, wood seasoning and handle making, as well as space to display most of the tools they make. Their tools range from knives, adzes, axes, chisels and gouges.  That is not the whole story however because you just have to look at their tools to recognise that thay have been made not just with function in mind but from the best materials available and hand-made with great skill, care and attention to detail.

Not the cheapest tools available by any means but neither expensive as these are tools intend on being around for a very long time and providing immense satisfaction for the user. 

High end durable tools that feel incredible in the hand and a joy to use and own.

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