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DVD's are a great way to learn about traditional woodcraft. If you miss something on a DVD you can just go back and watch again....and again.  Often going away to try techniques for yourself and then watching the DVD again will reinforce your understanding and highlight areas you have missed.

We stock a small but select choice of DVD's that should be of interest in green woodworking. 

Some of these are only available in the UK from WOODSMITH

NEW............We are very pleased to have traced the source of Jogge Sundqvist's DVD Series Modern Sloyd. OK, so they are narrated in Swedish but each of these DVD's are immensely entertaining and informative, with fresh and inspiring ideas.

Especially useful if you teach woodcraft yourself.

Sorry about the price but they are produced and imported from Denmark.

NEW..............We have know George Fuller and his Lillehamar school of Log Building Norske Lafteskole for some time and it was great to hear that he had produced 3 comprehensive DVD's that demystify the process of building with logs.

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