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Drawknives and Scorps

Drawknives are one of those tools pretty much essential for green woodworking, one of the first acquisitions when building up your tools. Normally used in conjunction with a shavehorse.

Typically you would bust a log down into a cleft section, trim-up with an axe then round up with a drawknive on a shavehorse.  Prepare billets round in section for the pole lathe, create whittled chair/bench and stool components are the kind of work you would use a drawknife for, and highly satisfying.

You will find here a range of styles and sizes of drawknife from respected UK and Swedish makers.

Many come complete with a leather sheath, otherwise they are available seperately

Our woodcraft courses run at regular intervals throughout the year, a good starter course is 'Green Woodworking - An Introduction'    The next available course with places will be Spring 2014 at out workshop within the grounds of Beamish Museum, Co. Durham.

Any questions relating to getting the right drawknife or joining one of our woodcraft courses contact Maurice


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