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Crook Knives

Crook or spoon knives come in a range of shapes and sizes, their main function is to carve out hollow featues such as spoons or ladles.

Most are also very effective to remove the inside wall of shrink boxes.

When choosing crook, or spoon, knives, it is very useful to have a pair of both left and right handed knives to carve spoons and bowls. This will allow you to cut from both sides and cut with the grain, leaving a smoother surface. If you are right handed the right handed crook knife is used to make cuts towards yourself and the left handed one has the cutting edge on the opposite side and so can be used with a pushing cut (vice versa if you are left handed). 

If you are purchasing your first crook knife we would suggest that you buy a crook knife that cuts towards you e.g. if you are right handed choose a right handed crook knife.

Probably the best choice of crook knives anywhere.  If you need any help deciding give us a call. 0191 252 4064, and ask for Maurice.

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