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A range of more than 60 axes from renowned Swedish makers:

Gransfors Bruk, Hultafors, Svante Djarv and Hans Karlsson. 

We first visited the Gransfors Bruk works more 16 years ago where we met up with the CEO at the time Gabriel Branby and saw two of their axesmiths working, Lennart Pettersson (LP) who forges many different types of axes, and Mattias Mattsson who mainly specialises in the Wildlife Hatchet and its variants.  All Gransfors Bruk axes are stamped with the initials of the person who forged the head, so only if it is perfect will it leave the forge. All Gransfors Bruk products are guaranteed against forging faults for 20 years. Each axe comes with a grain leather sheath and the famous Axe Book.

Svante Djarv and Hans Karlsson are smaller specialist tool makers who include a small selection of axes in their portfolios, hand made in small numbers, highly sought after and nearly always out of stock!

Should you lose or damage your leather sheath we stock genuine replacements for most of the axes we stock.  Also if you break a handle, we now stock replacements for most Gransfors Bruk and Hultafors axes.

If you need your axe rehandling, regrinding or precision sharpening get in touch with our workshop. email here

Our next available woodcraft course involving lots of axe work  :: Green Woodworking - An Introduction :: two courses arranged during 2019 at our dedicated workshop in Northumberland.

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