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Sadly, the WETTERLINGS brand, known for producing some of the best quality axes in Sweden for more than 100 years will cease production during the summer of 2017. The good news however is that the historic WETTERLINGS power hammers will continue to work producing GRANSFORS BRUK axes. We eagerly await more information about which GB axe models will be made here.

We visited the Wetterlings Factory in Storvik, Sweden in August 2011 where we met up with CEO at the time Julia Kalthoff for a guided tour.  We found the historic factory not only well organised with a modern approach to production but there's an atmosphere steeped in tradition, history and a clear pride in the products they make.

Since 2007 Wetterlings has been owned by Gabriel Brånby, who from 1985 to 2009, owned and managed Gränsfors Bruks AB. He sold Gränsfors Bruks in 2009 to his sons Adam and Daniel Brånby. It will be Adam and Daniel who will manage the Storvik Forge




The old power hammers at Wetterlings are from 1920 –1930. To maintain and improve them, they employed Master Blacksmith Lars Enander who is a third generation craftsman and has solid technical skills in forging. For many years, he was a teacher of forging and has co-authored several books on forging – including “Swedish Blacksmithing” unfortunately now out of print.

The Wetterlings site has the interests of the environment very much at heart, in recent years hydro electric and solar power plant were commissioned. The oil fired boiler was turned off inthe autumn of 2013.

The Wetterlings forge is probably the oldest surviving axe site in the world.

Here at WOODSMITH we will continue to supply our remaining stock of WETTERING axes and remaining stock handles and sheaths.

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